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I. Stunde 19 - 20 Uhr

1.  Farin Urlaub: Am Strand
2.  Traffic: Hole in my shoe
3.  The Who: Won´t get fooled again
4.  Days in grief: The abstrakt feeling of being lost
5.  Bob Dylan & Bette Midler: Buckets of rain
6.  Athlete: You got the style
7.  The Burning Rubber Dolls: Weary blues from waiting

II. Stunde 20- 21 Uhr

8. Kirmes: Rumble in der Old School Disco
9. NMFarner: Sehr Gut
10. Astra Kid: Parken in Münster
11. Udo Lindenberg: Paradise now
12. Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot: Bonnie and Clyde
13. Motörhead: We are Motörhead (live)
14. Billy Moffett´s Playboy Club: Ameisenstraße


I. Stunde 19 -20 Uhr

1. Dropkick Murphys: Gonne be a blackout tonight
2.  Whale: Hobo Humpin slobo babe
3.  Michele Baresi: Berlin & Pogo
4.  The Toasters: Matt Davis
5.  Madness: One step beyond
6.  Slime: Wieder breit
7.  The Butlers: Ain´t got no time
8. Byron Lee & The Ska Kings: Jamaica Ska
9. The Pogues: Streams of whiskey

II. Stunde 20 - 21 Uhr

10. Beasts of Bourbon: Train kept a rollin
11. White Stripes: The hardest button to button
12. Giant Sand: Mad dog a man
13. The young gods: Rue de tempetes
14. Tom Waits: Jockey full of bourbon
15. The Blues Busters: Behold

16. Barry White: I´m gonna love you just a little more baby
17. Robert and the roboters: Tanz du Luder
18. Led Zeppelin: The song remains the same

19. Silly: Bye, Bye

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